Here’s How you can support KVLJ and have your business or services mentioned on the air.

Underwriters Package of $150 Includes:

• An audio spot mentioning your business as a sponsor of KVLJ 99.5 FM which will include your business name, address, phone number, website & a brief summary of your services (see attached FCC guidelines)
This will air at least 2 times a day and once at night for 1 month equaling a minimum of 90 mentions per month.

• Business name and/logo presence on KVLJ Website

• Facebook and other social media postings that will mention your business.
• Free copy of your on-air production via email.

What is Underwriting? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows businesses to underwrite or fund programming on stations like KVLJ Radio and to receive on air acknowledgement, but it does not allow commercial advertising. While underwriting can serve the same purpose as commercial advertising, it differs in a few very important areas. The FCC mandates that underwriting announcements may not include qualitative, comparative, or promotional language.
A call to action, pricing information, and inducements to buy or sell are not allowed. These regulations serve to protect the non-commercial ambiance that community radio listeners value so highly. The special integrity of the stations-listener relationship also extends to the underwriter. Underwriting announcements let listeners know that your business is supporting their radio station. Announcements can introduce your business or remind listeners that you are part of our community.
All announcements are 20-30 seconds in length and are recorded by our production staff free of charge or may be pre-recorded by the underwriter and provided to KVLJ. Announcements may include information which identifies but does not promote the underwriter. (See Guidelines Below)
• FCC Underwriting Guidelines Clear guidelines make for a good message. A combination of FCC and KVLJ guidelines ensure that the message brought forth is clear and concise. FCC underwriting guidelines dictate that all public radio stations must refrain from using: 1. Calls to Action (words such as “call”, “stop by”, or phrases prompting action or statements encouraging listeners to contact or patronize the donor) 2. References to price (i.e., actual price, “free”, “on sale”, etc.) 3. Superlatives (i.e., “best”, “greatest”, “most reliable”, etc.) 4. Inducements to buy (rent, sell, or lease) 5. Comparative language (i.e., award-winning, board-certified, etc.)
• Donations may be acknowledged by a brief announcement, generally 30 seconds in length. Permitted: • Name of donor • Slogan or logo identifying the donor (audio or visual) • Brand name may be included • Address, telephone number, and web site • A value neutral description of products, goods, and services. 


1) “ABC Automotive is proud to support KVLJ Radio. ABC Automotive has been serving the community for over 40 years and is the home for GMC, Dodge, and Ford automobiles. Located at 123 Main St. in Yourtown, Tx. 518-555-1212 or”
2) “This hour of KVLJ Radio Cobleskill programming is sponsored by XYZ Restaurant at 100 Maple Street in Yourtown, serving home cooking to the local community for 20 years. 518-555-1111 or”